Eco-friendly cleaning products for Home
All products made from
natural ingredients
An each product perfectly copes
with the task at hand
All used components are
Our Advantages
We use scientific achievements in raw materials
We have passed voluntary eco - certification, because we are confident in a high quality of our products
All bottles to be recycled
An each product perfectly copes with
the task at hand
Our products are developed from natural
ingredients and extracts
All components are biodegradable. They are safe
for nature and septic tanks
Household Cleaners
Dishwashing Products
Thanks to HOMY SCIENCE eco-friendly products your dishes will look brilliant!

Easy remove burnt grease, dirt, unpleasant odors, work great in cold water. Thanks to glycerin and a complex of herbs your hands are protected.
Household Cleaners
Choose the best cleaners and detergents HOMY SCIENCE to make your work easy!

Carefully and effectively clean the house from dirt, dust, and germs. Give freshness and shine to the cleaned surfaces
Laundry Products
Use eco — friendly laundry products HOMY SCIENCE!

Gels easy dissolve in water and effectively deal with dirt. Conditioners perfectly soften fabrics and leaves delicate scent.
Baby products
The eco-friendly children’s series has softer and more gentle formulas.

HOMY SCIENCE Laundry gels and conditioners work perfectly with newborns clothes.

A mild plant-based dishwashing detergent not only makes children dishes clean but also safely cleans vegetables and fruits.
A company EFTI Cosmetics makes products more than 17 years from natural ingredients. We follow latest scientific trends to create high
quality products.

Eco-friendly cleaning products HOMY SCIENCE were developed in our own research laboratory. All our detergents work effectively.

Make cleaning safe, use HOMY SCIENCE products!
Environmental certificates of conformity
An each our product has ECO certificate, which confirms products safety during its shelf live and that it makes no any harm to the environment.

We passed an environmental certification, which also confirms the compliance of our manufacturing with advanced environmental standards.
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